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Meet our Team of Automotive Specialists

We believe that we have created the best team of Ford people available in the Weslaco area. They have been carefully assembled to compliment each other's skills and abilities. Just like with a car, each part or person has come together to be something greater than they could each be individually. Each one of those people below loves their job and they love serving you, the customer, or we wouldn’t have them here. Payne Weslaco Ford is your automotive support team, and when there is something you need it will be one of those wonderful faces below that helps you out.


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Being able to create new relationships with customers is my favorite part of the job. They become more than just customers and become part of the Payne family. This job is about more than just trying to sell someone a car, and the real rewarding experience is those friendships you make with customers throughout the years.

-20 Years of Experience
I'm grateful to be able to help customers in need. I enjoy making new connections with others and I'm thankful for my family here at Payne Weslaco Ford.
Here at Payne Weslaco Ford everyone is family, the staff are friendly and provide the inviting atmosphere that our customers love. I love my job and being able to help people get what they want and need, look no further if you are looking for a vehicle new or used! 
At Payne Weslaco Ford we welcome anyone that come by our store! The team that we have here are remarkable and will do anything that they can to make sure you are helped!
Let us help you here at Payne Weslaco Ford!
Working at Payne Weslaco Ford has provided me so many opportunities that I have not taken for granted, I love my job and being able to help people in every step of the way that I can and taking them closer to their new car!


From the time I have been working here till now, I can say that this is not only my job, my coworkers, but my family, my home away from home. I love the family orientation of this company and being able to grow as a person in this company is such a huge blessing. I love being able to make sure that our store does its best in providing the best customer service and being able to provide that same feeling I have felt to the customers as well.
Working here is a blessed opportunity where my skills have grown and I have been able to accomplish so many things for not only for myself, but for the company as well. I love being able to make a difference in people's lives and being able to assist them in any way that  I can.
This place is my home away from home. I absolutely love my job, my coworkers, the company and everything in-between! The ability to interact and build relationships with customers and guide them to their new or used car is an amazing feeling! I love being in an environment where all that happens and making lifelong memories of seeing happy customers!
Working for Payne feels like you're part of their family. They treat us well and encourage us to do our best every day. Your work ethic equals results and we push each other to be on top of our game every day.

-4 Years of Experience
Being able to provide the best for our customers is what we succeed here at Payne Weslaco Ford. I love my job and being able to make sure that our customers are happy and being able to help them in any way to get what they want and what they are looking for is my goal. The environment here is friendly and amazing, so come on by and say hello to me, Joe Cantu, and I will do my best to help you!
Getting to help families get into the vehicles they need is rewarding and drives me to do better every day. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them as more than just a customer.
Helping customers find vehicles that suit their every need is the best part of the job in my opinion. Here at Payne, everyone has each others back and we work as a family instead of a random group of employees.
Working with the Payne family has left me with newfound skills. I've been able to broaden not only my sales technique but my social and communication skills as well. 
I enjoy getting to interact with different people every day. It is fun to see all the new and interesting characters that come through the door. 
What I've learned from working at Payne is to always put the customer's needs first. It's better to advise and take care of the customer instead of just trying to sell them a car for the check. I like to put customers in vehicles I know are reliable and they can depend on.

-2 Years of Experience 
I am working in an industry that is not only challenging but rewarding every day. Not only is it competitive but it is a place where you can make great connections not only with coworkers but the customers as well.
Working with Payne Weslaco Ford is something I am proud to say that I do. Everyone is treated equally and fairly, and we all have the same opportunities to grow.
I've always had a passion for Ford, and I take pride in getting to work at one of their dealerships. Payne Auto Group makes the dealership feel like home, and like everyone that works together is family. My goal every day is to get customers in more reliable vehicles than the one that they showed up in.

-1 1/2 Years of Experience
I'm thankful to Payne for making work feel like home. Everyone is very polite and helpful to one another and it feels like home away from home.

Having 3 months in the automotive industry with Chevrolet being her favorite car brand Sabrina enjoys making people happy.

Hello my name is Javier Villa. I have been in the automotive industry for 6 months, my favorite car brand is Ford and I enjoy working at Payne because of the culture and community here.

Having 6 months working in the automotive industry has grown a great enjoyment for Andres in interacting with clients on a daily basis and giving them world class customer service.


The work environment here at Payne Weslaco Ford feels more like family than it does anything else. Everyone is given an equal opportunity and we help each other out with anything we need.

-22 Years of Experience


I find it fulfilling when we are able to assist someone with a problem and have the ability to resolve it as quickly as possible for them. It is rewarding to see the customers drive off with confidence knowing we did everything we could to help them.

-9 Years of Experience

Having 15 plus years in the automotive industry and a love of being around cool cars and trucks, there is no surprise that Ford is his favorite car brand.


I love the family oriented aspect they have implemented here at Payne. Im grateful i can help customers get the parts they need to get back on the road.

Having 6 years of experience with his favorite car brand being Ford Juan has grown an enjoyment in working with Ford parts.

Stephanie has 7 years of working in the automotive industry and a love for Toyota and the teamwork that working at Payne includes. 


Fatima enjoys working at Payne because everyone gets along and is always willing to help.


Being part of the car business has taught me so much along with allowing me to improve my communication skills. Joining the Payne family is something I'm grateful for.

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